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Alumni reunion of the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

The Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society will in 2016 celebrate its 20th anniversary with an alumni reunion from 1 - 6 August 2016.

We are arranging a reunion week with a unique opportunity for our more than 500 alumni to reconnect with their former classmates, teachers and Amsterdam. The plan is to have the reunion from 1 - 5 August, which is the last week of the 2016 Summer Institute.


The event will have a strong emphasis on academic content but will also have a festive character. A diverse range of lectures on sexuality over the last 20 years, guest lecturers, alumni presentations, networking events, a movie screening, and cultural and social events will be arranged.
For more information on the preliminary schedule, please follow the link below.


Participation fee

The participation fee includes:

  • Welcome drinks and Welcome dinner
  • lunch on class days
  • Networking event and Career Session
  • all site visits
  • Farewell dinner
  • certificate of attendance


As in many major European cities and combined with growing tourism during the summer months, there is a shortage of affordable housing in Amsterdam. 

Participants can either arrange their housing through providers in the private sector such as Airbnb and, or participants can request accommodation through the Summer Programmes Office and our housing partners for a reduced rate. For those that would like our assistance in booking accommodation, the Summer Programmes Office reserves rooms at De Key (see PDF below). We can get a price of around €340-350 and the location probably will be PHK!

EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam

As Amsterdam is hosting the 2016 Euro pride, a number of cultural and social events of the EuroPride week will be included in the programme. On 6 August 2016 the canal pride will coincide with Euro pride, so another reason to visit Amsterdam in 2016.


There are 8 partial scholarships of €300 available. We strongly urge everybody who can attend with this partial scholarship, to apply as soon as possible! By May 1, we will decide if the event will take place or if we need to cancel due to insufficient numbers of participants.

Practical matters 

For more information on practical matters, such as visas or health insurance, please follow the link below. 

Online Application

Online application is no longer possible.

GSSS Summer Programmes Office - Ihsan Zakri

Ihsan Zakri


For any further information please contact us on and join us on Facebook.

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24 August 2018