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GSSS Career Events

Twice a year, the Graduate School of Social Sciences organises Career Events for its students. During these events, students can participate in various activities related to career development. Each event has a unique programme.

Career Market

The Career Markets are a great way to gather information on a number of topics. At previous Career Events, these markets have been packed with people providing information on internships, PhD's, summer programmes, and job opportunities. Recruiters from interesting companies and the public sector were present to answer questions from students. At the Career Markets, students also had the opportunity to have our career officers check and improve their LinkedIn profile and CV. Furthermore, students could get a professional headshot taken for their LinkedIn profile. 

Career Workshops

The Career Workshops include various - often interactive - workshops by interesting GSSS alumni. Students usually have to register for these workshops, since they are small-scale and cater to up to 20 students at a time. For example, we have organised workshops by employees of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), consultancy firm Deloitte, politician and Minister Stef Blok, a public speaker and an expat providing international students advise on how to find a job in the Netherlands. 

Mock Interviews

During the Mock Interviews, students can register for a mock job interview with an expert in the field for which they 'apply' for a job. Students and interviewer are provided with a fake job application. After the interview, the interviewer will give the students advise on how they could improve their performance during actual job interviews. 

Alumni Speeddate

Our Career Events often include an Alumni Speeddate. Various GSSS alumni (one or more from each discipline) are invited to partake in speeddate rounds with groups of students. This gives participants the chance to ask in-depth questions about the academic and professional careers of the alumni and enhance their professional network. 

Network Drinks

Each GSSS Career Event is concluded with network drinks, where participating students get a final opportunity to network and speak with the alumni and career officers. 

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13 April 2017