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International Development Studies (MSc)

An education in the social sciences will impart a broad range of skills that easily translate into a multitude of careers.

Road map of the academic career of alumna Irene Arends

Alumna Irene Arends made an online road map of her study and work career. Take a look at this presentation in Prezi and see where the Master's programme in International Development Studies might bring you.

FMG MSc International Development Studies - Prezi Irene Arends

Specific career examples

Specific career examples from alumni of the International Development Studies programme are:

  • Staff Officer at NWO (Dutch organisation for scientific research)
  • Project member at Food First Coalition, United Kingdom
  • Executive partner at Emic Research; Consultancy in East-West relations
  • Lecturer and researcher on “Education in Conflict Areas”, University of Amsterdam
  • Marketing Manager at D.light Design East Africa Ltd., Tanzania
  • Junior Project Manager at VNG International (International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities)

The following table gives an overview of the various percentages of labour market positions of IDS alumni as of 2010 (August).

Sector segment % alumni
Academic/PhD 10
Education 6
Government 15
IO 4
NGO 36
Not-for-profit private sector 8
Private sector 20

Career support 

To support you in your career goals, the University offers a variety of resources:

GSSS Career Event 

Twice a year the GSSS hosts a Career Event, where you can meet organisation representatives and alumni, and receive helpful tips and feedback about searching for a job as a graduate.

UvA Careers Centre (LAC)

The career advisers at the UvA Student Careers Centre can help students with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling to find out what you want, get insight into your capabilities and competencies, make choices and improve your application skills in order to achieve your goals.

With an increasing number of international students each year, the UvA is truly an international university. UvA graduates from all over the world find their way to interesting careers, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. The Student Careers Centre is specialised in advising international (non-Dutch) UvA graduates about job seeking in the international labour market. 

Visit our Career Site

You will find more information about career support and career prospects on the Career Site Social Sciences.

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Graduate School of Social Sciences

17 November 2015