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Medical Anthropology and Sociology (Msc)

Michou Benoist

Michou Benoist (Photo: Marte van Liere)


'For me, medical anthropology is the most applied specialisation of anthropology as this field enables you to combine the cultural layer of life, politics, gender and our embodied reality with psychology and philosophy. By matching a theoretical view with the experience of people, I feel anthropologists can play an important role at the intersection between patients and citizens, management, policymakers and medical professionals.'

Trudy Gerrits

Trudie Gerrits

Academic staff

One of the Programme Directors of the MSc programme in Medical Anthropology and Sociology is Dr Trudie Gerrits. (Co-director of the programme is Dr Rene Gerrets.)

Trudie Gerrits received a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam in 2008. Much of her research draws on reproductive health issues, and infertility and reproductive technologies in particular. Previously she has done research on medicine use among Dutch children; migrants and vaccinations; and she was also involved in the evaluation of the Dutch governmental cooperation in the field of health, nutrition and population (1995-1999). Gerrits is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and teaches in the Master's of Medical Anthropology and Sociology (MAS) and the Bachelor's programme in Cultural Anthropology. 

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5 February 2016