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Sociology: Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies

Magnus Muhlbradt

Magnus Muhlbradt


'My main interest lies within the field of industrial relations and labour markets. The programme description of Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies corresponded with these interests. I have found it very satisfying to study at UvA, and this has much to do with the international scope of the programme. I do not plan to work in Holland, hence the comparative international perspective of both the programme and the professors was very welcome.' - Magnus Muhlbradt

V. Di Stasio

Valentina di Stasio

Academic staff

'The world of work is facing important challenges, related to globalisation processes, organisational restructuring, the flexibilisation of labour markets and the emergence of new forms of employment relations. The Master in Comparative Organisation and Labour Studies equips future professionals with a thorough and multidisciplinary understanding of current developments in employment policies.' - Valentina di Stasio

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31 October 2014