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Sociology: Migration and Ethnic Studies

Dana Saxon

Dana Saxon


'At the UvA, I quickly realised that I was surrounded by bright, determined, and richly experienced classmates who have had just as much (if not more) to teach me as I have to share with them. And since the UvA provides a diverse, international classroom setting, I have had the unique opportunity to participate in discussions and debates about issues, such as ethnicity, gender, and migration, that have influenced and affected many of us differently in our various corners of the world.'

Academic staff

Dr. S.M.G. Chauvin is the Track Coordinator of Migration and Ethnic Studies.

He is Assistant Professor of Sociology (UD) at the University of Amsterdam and a researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research in the program group Political Sociology: Power Place and Difference. From 2003 to 2006 he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago and from 2006 to 2008 a lecturer at the Universit√© Paris 1-Panth√©on Sorbonne.

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30 June 2017