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Sociology: Urban Sociology

FMG Sociology: Urban Sociology - portret Andreas Marx

Andreas Marx. Photo: Nicole Thijssens.


'No doubt, I learned a lot in the courses and the international lectures provided us with a lot of useful literature and varying ideas and theories according to the course topic. The atmosphere between the students and the lectures was very friendly and you get great support from the whole staff of GSSS.' - Andreas Marx

Sociology - Urban Sociology - Justus Uitermark

Justus Uitermark

Academic staff

'The UvA has a strong tradition in urban research. For instance, there is the Center for Urban Studies, which is one of the foremost institutions of its kind. Amsterdam is a fantastic place in which to live and carry out research. Students have the opportunity to experience their research in their daily life.' - Justus Uitermark

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31 October 2014