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Sociology (MSc)

Aleit Veenstra


'Due to the many specialised (methodological) courses offered by the Master's in Sociology I have had the opportunity to gain not only broader but also more in-depth knowledge.' - Aleit Veenstra

Academic staff

'The general track of the Master’s in Sociology is a good programme for students who want to development themselves as a generalist in the field of social relevant issues. This makes the content of the programme broad and its perspectives very diverse. You will be taught to look at different sociological topics with different perspectives. The methods courses also offer you a broad range of possibilities. If you have more affinity with numbers and statistics, you can enhance your skills in state-of-the-art advanced quantitative analysing techniques or social network analysis. But if your interests lie in analysing meaning and interpretation, we also offer several qualitative research methods courses. In short, the general track will be the right choice if you have a broad, sociological interest. '-  Chip Huisman

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To meet fellow students and take part in social and study-related activities, you can become a member of a study associoation, join events organised by SBS International or Amsterdam United or visit the UvA's Sports Centre or CREA.

Published by  GSSS

9 June 2016