Graduate School of Social Sciences

Study programme

Sociology (MSc)

Programme outline

The programme starts in September and consists of 60 ECTS. Fulfilling the requirements should take one year of full-time study.

The programme is set up by the following courses:

  • Sociological Perspectives (6 ECTS)
  • Winter School: Methods (6 ECTS)
  • Thematic Core Course (12 ECTS)
  • Electives (2 x 6 ECTS)
  • Labour Market Orientation (1 ECTS)
  • Thesis Seminar (6 ECTS)
  • Master’s Thesis (17 ECTS)

Thematic core course

Within the general track of the Master’s programme, it is possible to follow specialise by following a core course and electives. You can choose from 6 core courses that are part of one of the specialised track of the Master’s in Sociology. You can choose from a wide variety of courses:

  • The Comparative Study of Labour, Institutions and Organisations
  • Contemporary Developments in Cultural Sociology
  • Intersections of Culture, Sexuality and Gender
  • Dynamics of International Migration and Immigrant Integration
  • Public Issues and Policy
  • Urban Perspectives


The electives are meant to gain more in-depth knowledge of a specific sociological topic. There are electives offered in the fields of all specialised tracks of the programme.

Master’s thesis

The Master’s in Sociology culminates in the writing of a thesis, which is the final test of your academic skills.

Your thesis should show your ability to carry out independent and creative research, written up in a format which adheres to academic conventions. This makes your thesis the most important and most challenging, but also the hardest part of your Master’s programme. 

The Master’s thesis is supervised in thematic thesis groups, which start in the beginning of the second semester. They usually consist of 5 to 10 students. Each track has its own thematic thesis groups.


Almost all courses are offered in English, but for a small part of the curriculum we try to organise seminars in Dutch. This however cannot be guaranteed.

Students have the possibility to complete their studies in Dutch. Students can also write their assignments in Dutch, provided that the lecturer can assess written work in Dutch.

Degree requirements

The Master of Science degree (60 ECTS) is awarded upon successful completion of the course requirements and a Master's thesis.

Detailed course information

The complete description of all courses in this programme can be found in the online UvA Course Catalogue.

Published by  GSSS

14 June 2016