Graduate School of Social Sciences

Create a Course Challenge

25 November 2016

The jury has chosen twelve proposed courses from a selection of thirty-five, based on interdisciplinarity, actuality and creativity. There can be voted until the first of December and the five courses with the most votes will go on to the pitch final, held on the ninth of December in The Bridge (REC).


Choose between the following subjects:

  1. Samen (Together)
  2. Social Movements and Social Justice in the Dutch Context
  3. Real World Economics
  4. Entrepreneurial Learning
  5. Art and Politics - thought, creative process and political action
  6. 'The Science of Living Well: From Theory to Practice and Vice Versa
  7. Life Management
  8. Mental Health: A Concept in Culture, Science and Society
  9. Diversity, Decoloniality and History Entangled
  10. Human Existential Threats
  11. Contextualizing Refugees, professionals instead of victims
  12. Social Innovation Management: Young Creative Leaders Programme


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