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Attendance of classes on 14 December not obligatory

Social Sciences

14 December 2018

UvA supports demonstration in The Hague against government cuts to higher education funding.

On Friday 14 December, WO in Actie (‘higher education in action’) will be protesting against government cuts to higher education funding in The Hague. UvA's Executive Board supports this demonstration. Attendance of course meetings taking place on 14 December will, therefore, not be obligatory. Lecturers who wish to take part in the demonstration will also be able to reschedule their lectures. Please note, examinations on 14 December will take place as scheduled.

This year, the government will again be making cuts to higher education funding. This is in addition to the cuts to higher education by 183 million euros (the so-called "efficiency cut") included in the coalition agreement of 2017. In response, WO in Actie (a national platform for higher education) has announced a major protest in The Hague on 14 December. The protest has the support of UvA management: Geert ten Dam (President of the Executive Board) and Fred Weerman (dean Faculty of Humanities) will be attending the protest at The Hague's Malieveld.

For students, the following applies:

If your lecturer wishes to reschedule lectures or tutorials due to take place on 14 December, then you will receive timely notice of this.
If you have lectures or tutorials scheduled for 14 December, but you would like to attend the demonstration, then you may inform your lecturer of your absence, stating the reason for this. Any assignments for tutorials etc. are to be handed in before 14 December, if so requested by your lecturer.
If you have an exam on 14 December, but you would like to join in the demonstration, then you may do the resit for this exam.

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