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International Development Studies (Research MSc)

Anna-Lisa Noack

Anna-Lisa Noack. Photo: Nicole Thijssens.


'When I stumbled upon the Research Master’s programme International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, I was impressed by how it seemed to allow for the space and opportunity to explore these questions. I thought that perhaps my questions needed to be approached from a social science perspective, something I knew little about. It was a spur of the moment decision to move to Amsterdam but one of the best decisions I have ever made. Looking back already, this journey has allowed me to fulfil a dream I never thought I could have realized so early in life.' - Anna-Lisa Noack.

Michaela Hordijk

Michaela Hordijk

Academic staff

The adjunct Director of the programme is Dr. Michaela Hordijk. Michaela Hordijk is Assistant Professor International Development Studies. Her main research interests include urban environmental management practices and participatory governance innovations in Latin America. She is currently adjunct scientific coordinator of the EU funded research programme Chance2sustain (2010-2014) in 10 cities in India, South Africa, Brazil and Peru. The main focus of this research programme is the potential contribution of participatory knowledge management for sustainable development. Michaela Hordijk is co-responsible for the work package on participatory environmental risk assessment and inclusive scenario building.

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11 August 2016