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PhD at UvA

Students that have obtained their Master’s degree are in principle eligible for a doctoral position. Full-time doctoral programmes last at least three or four years and consist mainly of independent research activities. Doctoral candidates may also be assigned teaching tasks. Research results are presented in the form of a doctoral thesis which must be defended before a doctoral committee in a public setting.

PhD training programme

The GSSS, in close cooperation with the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), offers a specialist curriculum for PhD candidates.

This PhD programme is open

  • for junior researchers employed by the AISSR and working on a PhD project,
  • for other PhD candidates accepted by the AISSR that can provide for their own funding,
  • and for PhD students from other Universities (pay per course).

Please see the AISSR website for further information on enrolment.

Schedule PhD training programme

The PhD training programme that GSSS offers (of up to 40 ECTS credits of courses) consists of three main parts:

  • Methodology: Advanced level qualitative and quantitative courses.
  • Theory: An advanced and unique social science theory spanning all represented disciplines
  • Choice and tailor-made courses: Courses fitting the individual PhD candidate’s needs and featuring skills and topics that complement personal expertise and contribute to the project.
  • The programme also allows for PhD candidates to develop highly specialised courses involving visiting professors (so called Short Intensive Courses).

There is no formal exam, as the curriculum is part of the PhD project that will result in a doctoral thesis.

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29 August 2012