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Introduction Week activities on 28 and 29 August and how they will affect you

15 August 2017

As part of our Introduction Week, on 28 and 29 August new UvA students will be getting acquainted with the Roeterseiland Campus. This should not cause any major disruptions for UvA staff and other students.

On 28 and 29 August preparations will be taking place at various locations on campus for Introduction Week activities, including for bike hire and sales and a BBQ. On Monday, 28 August access to the underground bicycle shelter at Building E will be restricted to the courtyard at the front of the building. The area outside the rear entrance (between Buildings E and G) will be in use as a bike hire and sales point. An exception will be made for scooters; in which case you can use the rear entrance but are requested to dismount. On Tuesday, 29 August a BBQ for new students will be held on the pontoons. This event will start at 5 pm and end at 8 pm.

Published by  Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences