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Planning the Cycling City

Marco te  Brommelstoet

Academic Director

Marco te Brömmelstroet currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam. His teaching in Planning Bachelor and Master's programmes centers around the (problematic) integration of land use and mobility and ways to improve this. His research is strongly intertwined with planning practice. He has done several studies on how to improve the use of knowledge in urban strategy making processes. Recently, he extended his curiosity into the role of the bicycle in the functioning of cities and vice versa. Not a coincidence; he covers around 5.000 kilometer annually as a bicycle commuter in Amsterdam, 7.000 kilometer on his racing and touring bikes and he owns a cargo-bicycle shop in Germany. He tries to combine a fanatic advocacy attitude towards cycling in cities with a healthy distant view as academic researcher.

Meredith Glaser

Programme Coordinator

Meredith Glaser is an urban strategy and mobility consultant, based in the Netherlands since 2012. She is originally from California, holds Masters degrees in urban planning and public health from UC Berkeley. Meredith holds a guest appointment at the University of Amsterdam, where she co-leads this summer programme and conducts research on cross-national policy transfer and knowledge exchange related to cycling and mobility. She hosts other university-level student groups and international professional delegations for cycling and mobility study tours. Meredith regularly collaborates with local Dutch municipalities and universities on cycling projects and workshops. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband, daughter, 4 bikes and no car. 

Guest Lecturers

  • Giselinde Kuipers is a professor of cultural sociology at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Stefan Bendiks is an architect and co-founder of Artgineering in Rotterdam.
  • Luca Bertolini is a professor of urban planning at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Sjors van Duren is a project leader for the province of Gelderland and a project leader for the Ministry of Infrastructre and Environment in the Hague. 
  • A representative from Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists' Union). Fietsersbond campaigns for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands.
  • A representative from Mijksenaar. Mijksenaar is a design and consultancy agency that specializes in wayfinding.


Reflections from past participants:

“We were able to go out, experience and observe what we learned. It's very practical to reflect upon experience and make the theory relatable.”

-Alumnus 2016

“I loved how our personal experience of the city was used to make the subject matter come to life.”

-Alumnus 2016

“This course got me to think about cycling from many different perspectives and to realise there is no one right answer to making a cycling city.”

-Alumnus 2016

“It’s clear how important this subject is to the course directors and guest lecturers. Their passion exceeded my expectations and inspired me day after day."
-Alumnus 2016

"From Day 0 I knew this was going to be special. Not only an inspiring group of classmates, but a course leader brave enough to declare that "if you came expecting to go away with a ready-made plan, there is no plan”.”

-Paul R. (2015)

"Tough call to isolate out one thing. It's getting on for 4 months since the course finished and I'm still thinking about and applying the learning everyday."

-Zsolt S. (2015)

Published by  GSSS Summer Programmes Office

8 December 2016