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If you have any questions about our programmes, or would like to get in touch, you can find our contact information below. You can also get to know the entire Summer Programems team, including our full-time staff and academic directors.


Summer Programmes Office team

Drs Mirjam Schieveld | Programme Director

A Cultural Anthropologist by training, Mirjam grew up in and around Amsterdam. Mirjam is the founder of the Summer Programmes Office, starting with the Summer Institute on Addiction and the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture & Society over 20 years ago. Mirjam is an alumna of the University of Amsterdam, and has devoted her professional life to the creation and development of academic programmes. Mirjam also gives lectures in summer programmes, and is a lifelong fan of Amsterdam's football team, Ajax, and a major foodie. Along with Grace and Ian, Mirjam leads the Summer Programmes Office's year-round team in order to bring quality programmes and experiences to students from across the world.

Grace Yano, MSc | Programme Manager

Originally from the United States, Grace has been living and working in the Netherlands after completing her studies at the University of Amsterdam in Political Science. Grace has developed programmes on Security Governance and Conflict Resolution, as well as Migration and Integration, as well as managing and developeing summer school programmes, curricula, and managing scholarships. Grace is an avid puzzle and logic-game enthusiast, and as a former exchange student, passionate about travel and education.

Ian M Kenny, rMA | Programme Assistant & Communications

Ian moved to the Netherlands from Canada to undertake a degree in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Ian is responsible for managing and developing summer school programmes, the media landscape of the office, and is the coordinator of the Pre-University Honours Programmes. When he's not on his bike in the dunes or on a train to a different city, you can easily find him in a museum soaking up Dutch culture.

Social and Behavioural Studies| Academic Directors

Laurens Buijs, MSc | Introduction to Sexuality Studies

Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen | Introduction to Sexuality Studies

Robert Sember, MA | Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture & Society

Dr. Diane di Mauro | Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture & Society

Dr. Maja Wrzesien | A Peaceful Mind

Dr. Kristen Anderson | Summer Institute on Addiction

Dr. Caroline van Dullemen | The Politics of Ageing

Guido van Garderen, MSc, MPA | Building Brands and Influencing Behaviour

Urban Studies | Academic Directors

Dr. Marco te Brommelstroet | Planning the Cycling City

Meredith Glaser, MSc | Planning the Cycling City

Dr. Freek Janssens | Protest and Resistance

Prof. Dr. Richard Ronald | Urban Studies: Planning and Living in Cities

Dr. Thea Dukes | Amsterdam Sensescapes

Dr. Mendel Giezen| The Circular City

Drs. Nadine Galle | The Circular City

Drs. Gerard Roemers | The Circular City

Anna Dekker, MSc | The Everyday City and Beyond

Political Science | Academic Directors

Dr. Martijn Dekker | Security Governance and Conflict Resolution

Evelien van Roemburg, MSc | MIgration and Integration

Dawid Walentek, MSc | Economics and Game Theory

Skills Development | Academic Directors

Alexandru Voicu, MSc | Comp. Intro. Research Methodology and Design

Pre-University Honours Programmes | Academic Directors

Daan Bossyut, MSc | Urban Studies

Luuc Brans, MSc | Politics and Society

Drs. Reinder Storm | History and Culture



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