Graduate School of Social Sciences

Summer 2018

We're welcoming more students to the UvA than ever before

Our team

We have a dedicated team to make this summer a memorable one. Mirjam, Grace, and Ian are joined by Joep (for his second summer), Tycho, and Pedro. Together, they have been hard at work getting everything ready for the influx of summer students. We'll also be joined by a number of UvA Student Scholars who will participate in the programmes to help share their local knowledge and expertise with our international students. These scholarships are part of an initiative to get more UvA students into our classrooms, and to enhance summer programmes for everyone who participates.

Summer 2018 is going to be one to remember: this year, we will be welcoming more than 500 students to the University of Amsterdam to take part in summer programmes on a variety of topics from 15 June - 10 August. Alongside the programmes that we've been running for over 20 years, we have added a few new ones to the list.

Our new programmes are

  • Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics and Society
  • Pre-University Honours Programme: Amsterdam Global City
  • A Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions
  • The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem
  • Amsterdam Sensescapes: 1800-2018
  • The Politics of Ageing

Give them a warm welcome

That means that this summer there will be many new faces joining us at the UvA, both as academics and students. Each week, we will be hosting roughly 200 students at a time in a variety of programmes. This summer is sure to be busy and exciting. Please give everyone a warm welcome as you pass by them in the halls!

Buitenruimte Roeterseilandcampus

Photo by Martje Strijbis

Published by  UvA Summer School

17 May 2018