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Summer programmes: Meet the World in Amsterdam!

The Summer Programmes Office will be welcoming close to 300 students this summer to take part in short courses from mid-June until the beginning of August. Students will be coming from across the world to study at the UvA in 14 tailor-made and interdisciplinary programmes.


Summer Programmes Office 2017

2017 Summer Programmes

This year we are offering 14 programmes in a variety of subjects. Each course takes an interdisciplinary approach to a field of research to dig deeper and ask broad questions from multiple perspectives. This year, we will be tackling subjects from urban studies to sexuality studies, from the migrant crisis to urban food flows. We are proud to bring together academics and professionals in our programmes, creating a dynamic and inviting classroom environment that doesn’t shy away from asking big questions, confronting norms, and seeking productive and creative responses to today’s problems. That’s because our summer programmes are more than just school: they give participants the skills and viewpoints necessary to understand the diversity, complexity, and changing nature of the world today. Check the list of summer programmes below for a complete overview.

Where our students call home

Over the years, the reach of the Summer Programmes Office has grown exponentially. With growing knowledge of our programmes comes the widening of our academic and social network. This year, we are proud to have received numerous applications from every continent, corner, and region of the globe. Due to increased globalization, technological advancements and the newfound and tenuous hybridity between the local and the global, our students come from diverse backgrounds, and bring their academic and cultural traditions with them whether they’re from Boston or Bangkok.

Enhancing the Summer Programmes

We have been spending time not only updating our academic offerings, but also social and networking events that we offer alongside our programmes. Our students are going to be calling Amsterdam home for two-to-three week periods throughout the summer, and we want to show them the best of what Amsterdam and the Netherlands has to offer as well as the diversity that we have right here in our very own city. This year, we’ll be offering weekly yoga classes and networking and mixer events alongside our favourite offerings, from museum outings to picnics and everything in between.

Summer Programmes 2.0

The Summer Programmes Office actively embraces using technology to innovate and enhance the student experience. This year, we have developed an app for the Summer Programmes Office. Our app will include all of the practical information students need, from the code of conduct and student handbook to their daily class schedule and important information. But it isn’t all business: we’ve also built in some features to help them to get to know Amsterdam and each other better, from our top suggestions in the city, to biking routes and nature excursions, and chat and polling features.

Give them a warm welcome

As ambassadors of the UvA and the GSSS, we ask you to give all of our students a warm welcome, whether you see them in Agora, are teaching them a lecture, or walk by them in the halls. We are looking forward to an exciting, fun, and thoughtful summer session, and hope that you have an excellent time too.

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8 June 2017