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Alcohol, Drugs & Addiction

6 ECTS, 2 weeks
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Substance abuse and its accompanying health and social problems are considered major problems around the world with tragic consequences for individuals, families and countries.

Addiction is not a new problem, but few countries have sufficient resources allocated to address it. Moreover, the concept of addiction brings to the forefront social, medical and moral questions. The intertwined dynamics of health systems, economic considerations and moral (inter)national politics have a combined effect upon the prevention and treatment of addicts. 

This two week Institute seeks to provide a multi disciplinary approach to the study of addiction. The course will focus on policy models, prevention, evidenced based treatment, and how they intersect. Bridging the gap between research and treatment practice and policy will also be highlighted throughout the course.

UvA Summer School
Programme Dates:

 10 July - 22 July 2016

Housing dates

 9 July - 24 July 2016

Academic Director

 Dr Dennis McCarty
Application deadline:

 April 1, 2016


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