Graduate School of Social Sciences

Summer programmes 2018

If you are undergraduate, graduate, or high school student, you can find our course offerings for 2018 below. If you would like to study more than one of our programmes, please get in touch with us via email. Please note that the dates listed correspond to the housing dates per programme. For academic dates, click through to the individual programme website.

2 Week programmes

Summer Institute on Addiction

29 June - 16 July

Amsterdam Global City 1 (1500-1800)

29 June - 14 July

Amsterdam Global City 2 (1800-2018)

13 July - 30 July

Pre-University Honours Programme: Urban Studies

14 July - 27 July

Pre-University Honours Programme: Political Science

28 July - 10 August

3 Week programmes

Introduction to Sexuality Studies

15 June - 6 July

Security Governance and Conflict Resolution

15 June - 6 July

Planning the Cycling City

15 June - 6 July

Grant Writing and Proposal Development

15 June - 6 July

The Urban Food Experience

29 June - 20 July

A Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions

29 June - 23 July

Planning and Living in Cities

29 June - 23 July

The Circular City

7 July - 30 July

The Everyday City and Beyond

7 July - 30 July

Migration and Integration: Refugees, Rights and Realities

21 July - 11 August

4 Week programmes

Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

7 July - 6 August


All of our programmes approach their topics from an interdisciplinary point of view. We promote and believe in an engaging and diverse classroom, and our programmes reflect this in their curricula. Any questions about our interdiscplinary methodology or the contents of a course? Email us at

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