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UvA Student Scholarships 2018

UvA Student Scholarships are open! The Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences is growing. This summer, we will host 20 programmes across the social and behavioral sciences for Dutch and international summer students.

Scholarship description

The Summer Programmes Office has been operating for 22 summers, offering short-term summer programmes in a variety of fields for students from around the world. Our courses introduce students to a host of topics from an interdiscplinary perspective, combining both in-class lectures and field-work/excursions to deliver an uncommon educational experience. This summer, we want to open our international classroom and community to people that also call Amsterdam and the UvA home.

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated UvA students to be a part of our summer programmes. We are offering one full scholarship per programme that covers all course and extra fees for a UvA student to attend one of our programmes. One Scholarship will be awarded per course: rather than paying tuition and fees, the Scholarship students will help us organize the programme that they have applied to. You will be responsible for assisting our office and your fellow classmates in a hybrid role that makes use of your unique knowledge and expertise as a member of the University of Amsterdam.

The tasks

UvA Scholarship Students are responsible for the smooth-running of their programme, helping with tasks such as bookings, getting your fellow international students from A to B, and welcoming guest lecturers. Since you are a student, you will also be required to attend all lectures and events scheduled for your programme, as well as complete the necessary assignments in order to recieve credit.

You'll meet regularly with our staff, and be a full-fledged SPO team member! We believe in a dynamic learning environment, where education is combined with exciting experiences to make for a memorable summer. In compensation for your help, UvA Scholarship Students will receive:

  • Free tuition and fees for the summer programme to which you have applied
  • Lunch on all class days
  • Access to all extra events, including welcome and farewell events
  • An official transcript with EC for the programme that you are following. You must check with your exam board that the credits will be counted in advance!

What's in it for you?

UvA Scholarship Students will recieve course credits and invaluable international experience in return for their help with organizing and participating in one of our exciting programmes. Further, at the end of the summer, we will be sure to provide you with a reference for your CV. Our programmes operate at a variety of academic levels, so be sure to apply for the one that best suits you.


The details of the UvA Student Scholarships are as follows. Scholarship winners must be:

Available for:

  • The duration (2-4 weeks) of the programme. Please check the dates on our website and plan accordingly.
  • The 2 weeks before the programme to complete any remaining booking/logistical tasks and receive training
  • A few days after the programme, to submit a brief report and finalize any necessary wrap-up details

Candidates must:

  • Be a current student at the University of Amsterdam, either in a Bachelor or Master programme (this depends on the target group and requirements for the course to which you're applying)
  • Be fluent in English (fluency in Dutch a bonus)
  • Be detail oriented, a quick thinker, and passionate about the programme topic
  • Be enthusiastic to study in an international environment with people from around the world.
  • Experience with event planning or coordination (events, student associations, charity, conferences, etc.) would be an asset.

How to apply

  1. Please check our range of programmes to see which ones you are elligble for and which one interests you the most. Note that the UvA Student Scholarships are not eligible for all of our programmes . At the bottom of this page, see a list of the programmes that qualify.
  2. Complete the online application for your chosen programme. Be sure to apply by the 15 March/1 April deadline!
  3. In the scholarship/funding field, write "UvA Student Scholarship".
  4. When applying, please be sure to include in your motivation letter why you deserve to be awarded a UvA Student Scholarship. Demonstrate that you are passionate for the programme subject, and please let us know of any outstanding or relevant experience.
  5. In your CV, don't forget to include a list of activities that relate to this application. We want to gain a broad understanding of you.

Scholarship procedure

All applicants will be notified in early April 2018 whether or not they have been selected to continue to the second round. The procedure will consist of an application, and an interview. Final decisions and outcomes will be made no later than 15 April, 2018.

Qualifying programmes



Security Governance &

Conflict Resolution

17 June - 5 July

The Urban Food  Experience

1 July - 19 July

The Circular City: Towards a

sustainable urban ecosystem

8 July - 27 July

The Everyday City and Beyond

8 July - 27 July

Summer Institute on Sexuality,

Culture and Society

8 July - 2 August

Migration and Integration: Refugees,

Rights & Realities

22 July - 10 August

Published by  GSSS

23 January 2018