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Graduate School of Social Sciences

Examinations Boards (Examencommissie - EC)

Every programme has an Examinations Board, which members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. In some cases, several programmes share one Examinations Board.

By law the EC has the official task of guarding the level and standard of the programme (examination). Also the EC has the right to grant exemptions (and other adaptations of the curriculum) to individual students. The EC is also responsible of the admission into the programme, although an admission committee can be mandated by the EC to handle the admissions on its behalf.

The EC stipulates the rules and guidelines for examinations and is also responsible for the handling cases of fraud- and plagiary. The EC appoints examiners for programme units (if necessary).

Within the GSSS, the EC will also be involved in formulating the Teaching and Examination Regulations, especially where the curriculum and examinations are concerned.

Members of the EC are appointed by the faculty dean for a period of 3 years (can be renewed) on the recommendation of the director of the GSSS.

Please consult the A-Z of a study programme for the relevant Examinations Board.

Programme Committees (Opleidingscomissie - OC)

Every degree programme has a Programme Committee (opleidingscommissie), possibly combined with other degree programmes. The Programme Committee consists of an equal number of student and lecturer members, and grants consent to the dean in regard to sections of the Teaching and Examination Regulations, and advises the programme director on the curriculum, quality assurance and policy-making.

It actively contributes to educational innovation and enhancement by taking the initiative to place topics on the agenda. The topics might specifically concern the degree programme(s) for which the Programme Committee has been established as well as cross-degree programme, topics such as a uniform procedure for Master's theses or skills curricula for multiple degree programmes within a faculty.

The Programme Committee actively fulfils a broad role. The Programme Committee offers a platform for discussion where students and lecturers jointly consider the challenges facing the degree programme. The Programme Committee is a body that fosters the engagement of other students and lecturers, and is an appropriate body for identifying problems. The Programme Committee continuously seeks to boost the quality of education and puts forward ideas for enhancing the quality of education.

Members are appointed to the Programme Committee by the dean of the faculty, or elected, for a term of at least one year.

Scholarships for student representatives - Bestuursbeurzen

CSW/GSSS students that are members of a Programme Committee (Opleidingscommissie) or another official student representative body, such as the Facultaire Studentenraad can apply for a so-called Bestuursbeurs (scholarship for student representatives, please apply at the beginning of your term). Please read the eligibility criteria and the instructions on how to apply for a financial compensation below: