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Graduate School of Social Sciences

Board of Studies

The Graduate School of Social Sciences has a Board of Studies (BoS) comprising the Director of the GSSS, the Programme Directors and two student members. The Board of Studies advises the GSSS Director on all matters concerning the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

The current members of the Board of Studies are:

  • Dr Annette Freyberg-Inan (director)
  • Dr Alex Strating (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  • Dr Hebe Verrest (Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning)
  • Dr Luc Fransen (Political Science and Conflict Resolution and Governance)
  • Dr Marguerite van den Berg (Sociology)
  • Dr Courtney Vegelin (International Development Studies)
  • Dr Trudie Gerrits (Medical Anthropology and Sociology)
  • Dr Alex van Venrooij (Research Master Social Sciences)
  • Dr Richard Ronald (Research Master Urban Studies)

Student members:

  • Mehmet Ongun Durhan
  • Naomi Veenhoven

GSSS director

Annette Freyberg-Inan

The Director, Annette Freyberg-Inan, is responsible for the daily management of the school: academic programmes, budgets and administrative procedures. In the international context, the director of the Graduate School of Social Sciences may be called ‘dean'.

Programme directors and programme managers

Each programme has a programme director (faculty), responsible for the academic content and organisation of the programme. The programme director is assisted by the programme manager (supporting staff), who also is in charge of study advice to the student.

Programme directors can appoint faculty for delegated tasks in the coordination of the programme (such as track coordinators).