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Social Sciences

LinkedIn is a social media platform for career purposes. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to present yourself and start networking. On the other hand, LinkedIn university pages are also very useful in the orientation process of choosing the right study programme from a career perspective.


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet. It has 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to present yourself online from a professional perspective and for career purposes. On the other side, recruiters often use LinkedIn to look for eligible job candidates. LinkedIn offers you also the opportunity to get an impression of the various career options after graduating in a university programme through LinkedIn university pages.

Are you unfamiliar with LinkedIn and the opportunities this social medium offers in pursuing a career? This video might give you some idea:

Create a LinkedIn profile

Would you like to benefit from the possibilities LinkedIn offers for your study choice and career prospects? You can create a LinkedIn account through Once you have an account, you can present yourself, build up a professional network, join relevant groups and browse through university alumni profiles.

LinkedIn for networking

Once you have a profile on LinkedIn, you will be able to join LinkedIn groups. These groups offer great opportunities for networking, sharing news and discussions. And to keep track of your fellow students' or alumni's career paths.

Social Sciences 

Social Sciences offers various LinkedIn groups:

University of Amsterdam

Browse through the LinkedIn profiles of our alumni

Would you like to know more about the career options of the programme you are currently enrolled in or would like to enrol in? LinkedIn offers the opportunity to browse through LinkedIn profiles of our alumni via the UvA LinkedIn University Page.

After selecting a study programme or discipline, you will be able to see where the alumni of this programme work, what their compentencies are, where they live etc.

It may also be interesting to reverse this and see which study programme leads to a preferred employer or function.

Some tips for using the UvA University Page

  • To browse through the UvA University Page, you will have to log on to LinkedIn. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one at
  • Once you are on the UvA University Page, select Students & Alumni in the horizontal navigation bar.
  • You will see a number graphs with data. Click on the arrow on the right for more graphs.
  • See the graph What they studied.
  • Click Social Sciences or any of the study subjects in the list.
  • All data will be adjusted to your selection, like where Social Sciences alumni work, where they live etc.

LinkedIn University Page - University of Amsterdam