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Master Cultural and Social Anthropology


Cultural and Social Anthropology (Msc)

Tine Molendijk
Tine Molendijk photo: Marte van Liere

'The specific approach makes it a typical anthropological Master'

In this Master we were expected to take initiative; we were the ones who chose our subject and spent an entire year studying this, writing the proposal, conducting research and writing the thesis. The specific approach makes it a typical anthropological Master. We were expected to do fieldwork and thus combine an emphatic, practical approach with literature research on a macro level. The three courses in this Master were dedicated to guiding us through our research and helped us taking a stance in current anthropological debates. - Tine Molendijk.

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FMG Cultural and Social Anthropology Ruby Monde
Ruby Monde

'Be prepared to be alone in the field and trust on your own instinct and research skills'

The Master’s in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam(UvA) provides you with the opportunity to conduct your own fieldwork. For me this was the main reason for choosing this Master’s here. The detailed and intensive preparation courses are really useful to help you design your fieldwork on the topic of your interest. This made sure I was secure and ready when I left the Netherlands for three months, to spend my days with criminalised women in Toronto, Canada. - Ruby Monde.

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Kiki Collot D'Escury Kiki Collot d'Escury

How can one explain anthropologists’ reluctance to reach an audience wider than just the specialist of the discipline, when their scientific approach is based on an experience in principle open to everyone, and when their works are for the most part written in ordinary language (Philippe Descole cited in Fassin, 2013: 621).

During my bachelor in Cultural Anthropology, I was very much inspired by the above quote and work of Fassin. I did not want to do research that would only be understandable for my professor and maybe some fellow students, I wanted my research to mean something to other people, people outside the discipline of Anthropology. Applied research can be many different things but to me, it was the opportunity to show the value of anthropology to the ‘outside’ world, the world we live and study in. 

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