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Pre-Master's programme

International Development Studies (MSc)

The Graduate School of Social Sciences offers several possibilities to make up for (slight) credit deficiencies.

Application to pre-Master's programme

Please register for the Master’s programme in Studielink and apply through the link in Myinfo, also for the Master’s programme: the Admissions Committee will assess your application for the Master's programme and decide if a pre-Master's programme or course is needed and if it will sufficiently prepare you for entry to the Master's programme.

Pre-Master's programme

Students who have excelled in their Bachelor’s programme, but who lack sufficient background for participating in the Master’s programme will be aksed to complete the one-semester pre-Master's programme of 30 ECTS. A deficient background includes:

  • Having a very good social science background, but not enough relevant coursework in International Development Studies.
  • Showing excellent academic performance, but lacking social science training.
  • Students with a good academic background in International Development Studies, but have been out of an educational programme for more than five years, and have not been active in relevant extra-curricular or work activities.

Research methodology module

Promising applicants who are lacking sufficient credits in social sciences research methodologies may be admitted to the Master’s programme after successfully completing Research methods “crash course” in the month prior to the programme starting (July/August). Insufficient research methodology training includes:

  • Overall, an insufficient number of research methodology credits that cannot be fulfilled with a MOOC (see below).
  • If the applicant does not have enough research methodology credits, and does not have sufficient and relevant research experience through internships and employment experience.

The tuition fee for the research methodology module in the academic year 2019-2020 is not available yet. Final fees will be announced by 1 December. The fees include lunch on class days, welcome and farewell events.


Promising students who have some credits in social science research methodologies, but need to compensate for some deficiencies will be asked to complete a MOOC. The MOOCs can be offered for qualitative research methods, quantitative research methods, or a combination of them. Applicants who will be asked to do a MOOC include those who:

  • Have a strong qualitative background, but no quantitative training
  • Have a strong quantitative background, but no qualitative training
  • Who have nearly enough credits in either qualitative or quantitative, but still need to reach the required number of ECTS.

Students who have enough research methodologies ECTS, but have been out of academia for some time, or who have not had relevant research experience through internships or employment, and thus need to refresh their skills.

Intensive reading assignments

Applicants who have relevant coursework in IDS, relevant internship or work experience in the development sector, and who have sufficient research credits, but are just short of meeting all the application criteria will be asked to complete an intensive reading assignment during the summer, and attend one refresher lecture and participate in one discussion seminar on the readings during the introduction week. This will be offered to students who:

  • Have a good range of courses relevant to IDS, but lack a comprehensive introduction to development including the historical emergence, the main approaches, the main discourses and debates in development, and current transformations in the field.
  • Have a strong academic background to IDS, but have been out of academia for more than two years, and thus need a refresher course.
  • Have just under the required number of academic credits for the programme, but are not missing enough to require the semester long pre-Master's programme.

There is no tuition fee for the intensive reading assignments. 



If you have questions regarding admission and application, please contact the Admissions Office at