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International Development Studies (MSc)


Alejandra Portillo-Taylor

'I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in international development after working in Rwanda and Cambodia. My undergraduate background is in psychology and sociology. However, after my time working abroad  with an NGO and then as a teacher, I realized that international development was more relevant to my professional goals.'

Lennart Funck

Lennart Funck

‘This interdisciplinary programme allowed me to explore and learn new theoretical concepts and methods and also gave me the opportunity to specialise, for example in environmental topics, education, governance, urbanisation, health, etc.’

FMG International Development Studies - portret: Stephanie Felix

Stephanie Felix

'I chose the Master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam for many reasons. The most important factor was the opportunity to conduct fieldwork as a part of my study. I wanted to acquire the practical, hands on experience and to see another part of the world and the UvA’s programme enabled me to do just that.'