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Tuition fees and costs

Master in International Development Studies

Tuition fees and costs

As a student in the Netherlands you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are two different fees: the statutory fee and the institutional fee. Which fee you pay depends on your nationality, your degree programme and whether you study full-time, part-time or dually.

You can calculate your tuition fee for this programme by using the Tuition fee calculator. Please note: the calculator does not work in Safari. 

Study costs

In addition to your tuition fees, you will need to include a number of other study costs in your budget, such as books, stationary, excursions, a laptop or other equipment. These costs vary per programme but academic books and study materials will usually cost you between €50-100 per month.

Fieldwork Costs

Before joining the programme, students must be fully aware that they need to cover all the costs associated with the fieldwork. This will include travel, housing, transportation, communication, food, etc. Additionally, some destination countries have high visa costs. Students should keep all of this in mind when making their decision to join the programme. If students already have an idea of where they might want to carry out the fieldwork, it is advisable to check at an early stage what kind of visa and travel costs they can expect. There is a small fieldwork subsidy available of a few hundred euros from the UvA, but students should plan to spend between €2000-3000 for their fieldwork. The variation in costs depends mostly on the destination country of the students.

Living costs

Keep in mind that living in Amsterdam also includes costs such as accommodation, food and public transport.

You can find all the terms and conditions regarding enrolment at the UvA in the Enrolment provisions.