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Master Medical Anthropology and Sociology


Medical Anthropology and Sociology (Msc)

Michou Benoist

'For me, medical anthropology is the most applied specialisation of anthropology as this field enables you to combine the cultural layer of life, politics, gender and our embodied reality with psychology and philosophy. By matching a theoretical view with the experience of people, I feel anthropologists can play an important role at the intersection between patients and citizens, management, policymakers and medical professionals.' Read what Michou tells about Medical Anthropology and Sociology. 

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Ryoji Noritake

'Working as a director for a health policy think-tank in Tokyo was definitely an experience. However, while implementing various projects and publishing various policy proposals, a question occurred to me. We, health policy makers, always talk about health policy but we hardly ever talk about health per se. Then, I heard of medical anthropology. Before that, I had little attention for anthropology and to be honest I had never heard of medical anthropology. Luckily I won a scholarship from a Japanese foundation to study anywhere in Europe, and my choice was the University of Amsterdam.' Read what Ryoji tells about Medical Anthropology and Sociology.

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