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Alumni views

Results: 1 - 3 of 3
Results: 1 - 3 of 3
  • FMG Sociology - Urban Sociology - Jozefina Milanovski
    Jozefina Milanovski: 'Being a social scientist in a techno world'

    Jozefina Milanovski graduated in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Bachelor) in 2011, Urban Sociology (Master's) and Political Communication (Master's) in 2013

  • Rinke Oostra
    Rinke Oostra: 'My passion for Amsterdam'

    Rinke Oostra, graduated in Sociology, Urban Sociology.

  • Wouter Rijsman
    Wouter Rijsman: 'Far beyond my expectations'

    Wouter Rijsman graduated in Urban Sociology in 2009.