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Master Urban and Regional Planning

Academic staff

Urban and Regional Planning (MSc)

Hebe Verrest
Hebe Verrest

Dr. Hebe Verrest

Dr Hebe Verrest is the Programme Director of the Master's programme Urban and Regional Planning.

Personal homepage Hebe Verrest

Study Adviser / Programma Coordinator

Jeroen van Pelt is Study Adviser for Urban and Regional Planning 


Below is a list of other lecturers in this programme. Click the name of a lecturer for more information (if available).

Dr. Rowan Arundel

Dr. Marco te Brommelstroet

Dr. Bas Hissink Muller

Prof. dr. Richard Ronald

Dr. Federico Savini

Prof. dr. Tuna Tasan-Kok

Prof. dr. Maria Kaika

Dr. Mendel Giezen

Dr. Nanke Verloo

Prof. dr. Luca Bertolini

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