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Study programme

Cultural and Social Anthropology: Visual Anthropology (track)

Tri-partite Structure

Visual Anthropology is a track within our General Anthropology programme with a tri-partite structure. The students in the pilot Visual Anthropology follow the same courses as students in Cultural and Social Anthropology, but they are also trained separately.  We advise therefore to all students to closely study the general Anthropology programme also, view here for more information.

Research Plan

During the pre-fieldwork part of the programme, the students will work towards the writing of a research plan during the courses Theory for Ethnographic Practice and Designing Fieldwork; familiarize themselves with debates about their topic and research setting. In the Visual Anthropology training, students explore the writings and visual documents that were produced by visual anthropologists, to orient themselves as to what their camera-based research will be like. They will be coached in designing a research plan that is adapted to a camera-based methodology. During this phase, there will be a high intensity screening program of anthropological film, and a two day workshop in videography.


The second part of the program is the actual fieldwork. The student will stay for three months in a setting and/or community, and will produce an archive of images, sounds and texts. The location can be chosen by the student, granted that we are able to find a good supervisor for the project and that the student has sufficient prior ethnographic knowledge of the region.

Writing Ethnography

During the third part, students  will participate together with their fellow Anthropology students of the same cohort in the course Writing Ethnography and report their findings in an edited film, accompanied by a written report.  Students can also use another hybrid text-image form in their thesis.