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The Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Social Sciences (BOS GSSS) is looking for two interns, who will conduct a research on ethnic diversity at the University of Amsterdam.

The conditions:

  • You are a third-year Bachelor's student or a Master's student.
  • You have affinity with the subject 'ethnic diversity', and preferably have past experience that shows this.
  • You know how to conduct either quantitative or qualitative research (or both).

You will get an assignment from the Board of Studies (BOS) GSSS and be guided through the process by two UvA lecturers. The end result of the research will be used in a policy advice.

The internship is voluntary (i.e. unpaid). The internship will approximately take up 6 hours a week. 

You will start directly, and the project will approximately finish before the summer of 2015. 

What you gain is research experience; increased knowledge about the topic; a relevant network. The internship will also strengthen your CV.


Please send your CV + motivation letter before 15 December to