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On Thursday 29 January from 15:00 to 17:00, the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) officially welcomes the new students starting a Master's, preparatory or exchange programme as of February 2015.

Mark Rutgers

The ceremony will be opened with an official word of welcome of Prof. Rutgers, director of the GSSS.

The following key note speech of Prof. Joyeeta Gupta, entitled Sustainable Development  Survival Kit.


The ceremony will be followed by drinks at the same location. All new students are cordially invited to attend!

Date and time

Thursday 29 January from 15:00-17:00. 


The ceremony and drinks will take place at the CREA Muziekzaal. See the link below for a map and directions.

Roeterseilandcampus - building I (CREA)
Roeterseilandcampus - building I (CREA)

Nieuwe Achtergracht 168-178
1018 WV Amsterdam

Key note speech: Sustainable Development Survival Kit

This interactive presentation by Prof. Joyeeta Gupta covers economic, social and ecological issues that challenge global politics today. We are going to virtually visit different locations in the world and discuss the range of challenges that face countries and students who wish to analyse who gets what, where, when, why and how – i.e. the study of global politics. In doing so we will look not only at the challenges facing poorer countries, but how globalisation both causes and needs to address these challenges. As the UN discusses the adoption of sustainable development goals, the question is: will such goals be a first step to solving global political and developmental problems?

Joyeeta Gupta

About Prof. Joyeeta Gupta

Joyeeta Gupta is professor of environment and development in the global south at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft. She is also a member of the Amsterdam Global Change Institute.

Joyeeta was and continues to be lead author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore and of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment which won the Zaved Second Prize.

She is editor-in-chief of International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (IF 2.0) and is on the editorial board of various journals on sustainable development.  

Joyeeta's current book "The history of Global Climate Governance" is in press at Cambridge University Press.

Programme orientation meeting 

Some programmes have an (obligatory) practical orientation meeting preceding the general kick off or in the first week of the academic year. For the specific time and location of the practical orientation meeting of your Master’s programme, please visit your programme website at

Skills courses

At the start of the semester, the GSSS offers the following skills courses to new students:

Study Skills Workshops 

The Service and Information Centre organises workshops about the Dutch education system. Various study methods and study skills such as academic reading, concentrating, time management and planning will be addressed. For more information please contact the Service and Information Centre and see the events list.