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Research Master Social Sciences

Meet the people

Social Sciences (Research Msc)

Maria Kranendonk
Maria Kranendonk


'The reason for me to choose the Research Master Social Sciences was in the first place its offer of methods and courses. The programme is characterised by a wealth of choices that students can make. The positive side is that students can use the courses to work towards their thesis, which is the ultimate finish line of the programme. However, I had, just like some other students, not yet decided what I wanted to research for my thesis. Thus the choices to be made felt overwhelming sometimes. If I were to give future students advice, it would definitely be that they should try to figure out what they find interesting and rather a bit specific already, as they can work with this during the courses.'

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Alex van Venrooij

Academic staff

Alex van Venrooij is the Programme Director of the Research Master's Social Sciences.

He is especially interested in the study of categories in markets and fields. How do categories influence success within markets and fields? How do categories emerge, change and disappear over time? In his work on the field of popular music he has pursued several of these questions. He has done research on how the categorization of artists in within “genres” affects their success in the mainstream market.

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SBS International

Study associations 

To meet fellow students and take part in social and study-related activities, you can become a member of a study association, join events organised by SBS International or Amsterdam United or visit the UvA's Sports Centre or CREA.

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