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In January 2014 MISOCO applied but did not receive continuation of funding under the new Erasmus+ scheme of the European Commission. The consequence of this decision is that of 2016 MISOCO lost its Erasmus label. The funding period by the European Commission also ended on 30 June 2016.

What does this mean for MISOCO Alumni?

The degrees awarded under the EMMC MISOCO are and will remain valid. All degrees form part of accredited degree programmes which will continue beyond 2016.

Lost your UvA degree certificate or need a copy of your MISOCO diploma supplement?

Go to the Department of Records and Information Services (DIV) of the UvA for more information. For copies of degree of the other European partners, please contact the respective partner institution.

  • Accreditation and degree

    Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion


    Upon successful completion of all programme requirements, students are awarded multiple Master degrees from the institutions where they start and end.

    In case of mobility to three European partners:

    • one from the University of Amsterdam;
    • one from the University of Deusto;
    • one from the university where he or she has graduated: University College Dublin, University of Latvia or University of Osnabrück.


    All the universities have been legally through the process of accreditation taking into consideration the different procedures in each country.

    • University of Amsterdam (UvA): Students receive a Master's degree in Sociology (Sociologie). The quality of this Master's degree has been accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This means that upon successful completion of the MISOCO programme students will receive a legally recognised Master of Science (MSc) degree. The master has been accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) on 24 February 2004. CROHO code: 66601
    • University of Deusto: the master has been approved as an Official Postgraduate Program entitled Máster Universitario Erasmus Mundus en Migraciones Internacionales y Cohesión Social/Joint European Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion (120 ECTS) by the ‘Dirección Oficial de Universidades del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, on the 1st of October 2012.
    • University College Dublin: Master in Social Science. The proposal for the approval and accreditation of the Joint EU Masters in International Migration and Social Cohesion will be submitted by the School of Sociology, following its approval by the School Graduate Studies Committee, and must then be submitted and approved by the following: College of Human Sciences Graduate Studies Board, University Graduate Programmes Board, University Academic Council Executive Committee.
    • University of Latvia: Master of Social Sciences in Sociology. The Programme is accredited by Higher Education Quality Evaluation Center (HEQEC) 12.06.2013 (Licenced 26.12.2000), Accreditation period ends 11.06.2019. Programm code: 45310
    • University of Osnabrück: Master in International Migration and Intercultural Relations (IMIB). The Master Programme is accredited by the accreditation body ‘Zentrale Evaluations- und Akkreditierungsagentur Hannover (ZEvA)’, 20th of February 2007.