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Scholarships for Student Representatives - Bestuursbeurzen

Graduate School of Social Sciences

GSSS students that are members of a programme committee (opleidingscommissie) or another official student representative body, such as the Facultaire Studentenraad can apply for a bestuursbeurs (scholarship for student representatives).

How to apply

Students need to apply for this scholarship with Student Services directly. If you need help filling out the form, please consult the registrar. There are conditions for receiving the bestuursbeurs, for details please check the form and/or send an email to the address below.

International students can now apply for a membership stipendium of about 825 Euro.More information can be found through this hyperlink: The stipendium is allotted after the term of membership. Please advise your present and future PC student members to use this grant.

Information in English about the bestuursbeurs (also applicating) is to be found here.

Application forms

There are several application forms, depending on the sort of representative body. They are available on the UvA website (search for 'bestuursbeurs') and at the Student Services at REC. Please submit this form with all necessary enclosures to Student Services/Student Counsellors. 

For questions, send an email to

More scholarships?

Would you like to know more about scholarships for GSSS students? Please be referred to the scholarships overview.


Application form 'bestuursbeurs' in English