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Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) was a French diplomat, political scientist and historian. He is best known for his works Democracy in America and The Old Regime and the Revolution.

Event details of Alexis de Tocqueville, A Critical Appraisal by Jan Breman
Date 22 October 2019
Time 15:00 -16:30
Location Roeterseilandcampus - building I (CREA)
Room Location: CREA, Theatre Hall
Jan Breman

The first part of the lecture is a factual appraisal of Tocqueville’s life and work. The second part zooms in on the social and colonial questions which were high on his agenda though understated in the analysis of his scholarship, which is mainly concerned with his first and last book publications.

The two questions on which prof. Breman will focus in his reflections on Tocqueville's academic work are interrelated, should be contextualized in their entanglement and as related to his politically driven life. While claiming the universality of the human race, Tocqueville’s brand of liberalism is in denial of freedom and equality to the majority of mankind held unfit to join the democracy postulated.

Jan Breman's interest in Tocqueville has to do with his current writings. Jan Breman has co-authored a volume, entitled The social question in the twenty-first century, which was just published (Augustus 2019) in an open access edition by the University of California Press. And in addition, he is now writing on colonial historiography which discusses the Dutch case but for which Tocqueville's colonial racism is of major relevance.

About Jan Breman

Johannes Breman is a Dutch sociologist and an emeritus professor  of the University of Amsterdam. He was one of the founding fathers of the Amsterdam Insitute for Social Science Research. 

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Roeterseilandcampus - building I (CREA)

Room Location: CREA, Theatre Hall

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