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Summer Programmes Office

Welcome to the Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Our team has been making innovative summer programmes for over 25 years and we have welcomed thousands of students from across the globe. We are also offering online winter and summer programmes on a a variety of topics. Below you will find more information on our Summer School Online content, as well as a list of our programmes, and social media channels to stay updated.

About us

We are proud to bring together academics and professionals in our programmes, creating a dynamic and inviting classroom environment that doesn’t shy away from asking big questions, confronting norms, and seeking productive and creative responses to today’s problems. That’s because our summer programmes are more than just lectures and assignments: they give participants the skills and viewpoints necessary to understand the diversity, complexity, and changing nature of the world today.

About our programmes 

Each course takes an interdisciplinary approach to a field of research to dig deeper and ask broad questions from multiple perspectives. We will be tackling subjects from urban studies to sexuality studies, from branding to game theory, from the migrant crisis to urban "flows", and beyond. 

Where our students call home

Over the years, the reach of the Summer Programmes Office has grown exponentially. With growing knowledge of our programmes comes the widening of our academic and social network and community. Over the past 25 years, we are proud to have received numerous applications from every continent, corner, and region of the globe. Due to increased globalization, technological advancements and the newfound and tenuous hybridity between the local and the global, our students come from diverse backgrounds, and bring their academic and cultural traditions with them whether they’re from Boston or Bangkok.

  • What we offer

    Amsterdam: a truly global city

    Whether you're joining us from Toronto or Tbilisi, New York or New Delhi, St. Petersburg or Sao Paolo, Amsterdam is a place for you. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, you'll find something new and exciting on every corner, and around the bend of every canal, but with all of the comforts of home. When you study with us, you won't be in a bubble. Thanks to our truly international classroom, we bring together students from over 70 different countries every summer to one of the planet's most international cities.

    Services: we've got you covered

    Getting to Amsterdam is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Fly from nearly any airport in the world to Amsterdam Schiphol, and transfer seamlessly with the train into the heart of downtown in 15 minutes. Amsterdam is small enough to be easy to navigate, and with our digital classroom smartphone app, you'll have all of the information you need right at your finger tips. Enjoy the perks of being a UvA student with your student card and public transit pass.

    The UvA: a top global university

    The University of Amsterdam's Roeterseiland Campus is a brand new complex in Amsterdam centre/east. Our state of the art classrooms, communal spaces, and dining facilities mean that you have everything you need. As a UvA Student, you have access to the library and online catalogue, and study spaces. The UvA Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences was recently rated as one of the best in the world, and is the largest such faculty in the Netherlands. 


    As in any major city, housing in Amsterdam is scarce. So we help students book accommodation with housing corporations in Amsterdam. Participants are housed in single or shared dorms with easy access to the university and city centre. Residences are shared with your fellow classmates to help build the sense of community that we all crave.

    Excursions: explore the biggest small country in the world

    Whether you're in class on the weekdays, in Rotterdam or The Hague on excursions on Friday, or visiting one of the nearby cities, villages, or national parks on the weekend, the Netherlands is the biggest small country in the world. And Amsterdam is its beating heart. We have suggestions for everything from bike rides, to museums, and more. We hope you fall in love with The Netherlands as much as we have.

  • Tailor-made programmes with partner universities

    Interested in creating a tailor-made programme with us? Email us at for more information. 

    Are you interested in collaborating on a summer programme in the heart of Amsterdam? With our team's expertise, our dedicated and highly acclaimed faculty, and our state-of-the-art campus, the Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences is the ideal partner.

    With over 20 years of experience in making programmes for partner universities around the world, we'll help you create the ideal programme for your students. By providing faculty and staff in consultation, we ensure that students who come to the University of Amsterdam get the best cultural and educational experience to broaden their horizons and make the most of their time in our city.

    We can help create an entire programme from scratch or facilitate a programme based entirely on your wishes. As part of the University of Amsterdam, we have access to all facilities and you have the advantage of working with one of the world's top research institutions.

    We offer high quality, short-term study abroad programmes at a reasonable cost. With insider knowledge of the city of Amsterdam and an impressive list of guest speakers and faculty, we have developed programmes that offer a truly authentic Amsterdam experience, and the possibilities are endless.

    Plan your programme with us and let us arrange classrooms, to lecturers, and housing for your staff and students. We organize everything from public transportation cards to onsite-staff to get you from A to B with a stop at that hidden gem in between. We pride ourselves on providing high quality educational programmes. Students return from our facilitated programmes with not only a understanding of Amsterdam but a deeper intellectual understanding of the subject matter they are exploring, and having made life-long friendships.

  • Our podcast Mokum

    Our podcast 'Mokum' delves into the heart of important conversations around the world, introducing you to the material we would cover in a range of our summer programmes. In a series of interviews with some of our usual academic experts, we bring education with a purpose to life, and welcome you into our community.

    You can find our podcast wherever you normally listen to podcasts (SpotifySoundcloudGoogleApple), or listen to it on Anchor

  • Our team

    Mirjam Schieveld, MSc | Programme Director 

    A Cultural Anthropologist by training, Mirjam grew up in and around Amsterdam. Mirjam is the founder of the Summer Programmes Office, starting with the Summer Institute on Addiction and the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture & Society over 24 years ago. Mirjam is an alumna of the University of Amsterdam, and has devoted her professional life to the creation and development of academic programmes. Mirjam also gives lectures in summer programmes, and is a lifelong fan of Amsterdam's football team, Ajax, and a major foodie. Along with Ian and Charlotte, Mirjam leads the Summer Programmes Office's year-round team in order to bring quality programmes and experiences to students from across the world.

    Ian M Kenny, rMA | Programme Coordinator 

    Ian moved to the Netherlands from Canada to undertake a degree in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Ian is responsible for managing summer school programmes, developing partnerships, and coordinating the media landscape of the office. He is the main contact person for students in Amsterdam throughout the summer. Ian is also a PhD candidate at the UvA's Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and writes about alternative narrative forms and modes of thought for addressing the challenges of the Anthropocene.

    Charlotte Luttik, MA | Programme Coordinator 

    Charlotte joined the Summer Programmes team after gaining exposure in summer 2018 as the UvA Student Scholar for the programme, Urban Studies: Planning and Living in Cities. Charlotte is now responsible for coordinating a variety of our ongoing programmes, and helping to develop new ones. Charlotte holds an MA in Cultural History from the University of Utrecht, focusing in cultural studies and sociology, and is also responsible for our social media presence.

  • Our environmental pledge

    In an age where human impact on the planet has reached unprecedented levels, we stopped to ask ourselves: what role can we play in helping to minimize our impact, and make a positive change?

    Our Motivation

    We are proud to welcome hundreds of students to Amsterdam each summer for our programmes. But in a time as wrought with ecological questions as the present, we’ve been evaluating our own environmental impact: students travel from across the world to join us, increasing their (and our combined) carbon footprint. We believe that the programmes we offer positively change the lives of those who participate. We also believe in a ripple effect: that knowledge learned in Amsterdam spreads around the world, enriching academic and social conversations, wherever our students call home.

    The Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences is the first working division within the University of Amsterdam to partner on this project.

    Our goal

    Our goal is to plant two forests of trees, one in the Netherlands, and one abroad. We will do this by making a donation to Trees For All, a Dutch not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable forestry. This summer, we will pledge financial support to plant 2000 trees. That's roughly equivalent to two trees per summer school student – one for us, and one for them.

    It’s time for a new chapter

    We want to supplement our global education reach with a new initiative: to co-create a lasting, living environment with our students. While there’s no doubt education has a positive impact, we’re also ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work, and to fund projects that are of global, societal importance, for us and for you.

    Why plant trees? 

    Why plant trees? Why not invest in carbon credits? While carbon credits are indeed an excellent way to achieve a guaranteed offset for carbon emissions through certified sustainable projects, we chose to work with Trees for All to plant sustainably managed forests both here and abroad in socially responsible projects that positively impact Earth, and empower people to make positive changes to the landscape and environment. 

    While the amount of CO2 that a tree will process in its life is dependent on many variables (location, health, age, size, ecosystem, etc.) planting trees is an excellent way to make a positive lasting change on the landscape. Further, the symbolic aspect of tree planting matches well with our own story: knowledge has deep reaching effects, and must be tended to. Trees and knowledge have been twinned for aeons, and we want to support this instantly recognisable association to have a lasting impact we can point to all together.