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Summer programmes

Tailor-made programmes

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Are you interested in bringing a group of students, faculty or professionals to Amsterdam for a cultural and educational experience? Our team has been making summer programmes in the heart of Amsterdam for over 20 years.

About us

The Summer Programmes Office can help create an entire programme from scratch or facilitate a programme based entirely on your wishes. As part of the University of Amsterdam, we have access to all facilities and you have the advantage of working with one of the world's top research institutions.

What we offer

The Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences in Amsterdam offers a variety of intensive summer courses and tailor-made programmes (in cooperation with host universities abroad) in a variety of fields. All of our programmes are taught in English.

With over 20 years experience in programme development, the Summer Programmes Office is capable of offering high quality, short-term study abroad programmes at a reasonable cost. With insider knowledge of the city of Amsterdam and an impressive list of guest speakers and faculty, we have developed programmes that offer a truly authentic Amsterdam experience, and the possibilities are endless.

Plan your programme with us and let us arrange everything from classrooms, to lecturers, and housing for your staff and students. We organize everything from public transportation cards to onsite-staff to get you from a to b with a stop at that hidden gem. We pride ourselves on providing high quality educational programmes. Students return from our facilitated programmes with not only a understanding of Amsterdam but a deeper intellectual understanding of the subject matter they are exploring and life-long friendships.

Tailor-made Programmes 2019

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Sexual Politics in Amsterdam (Michigan State University)

In this program, students will learn about sex and gender politics and policy in the Netherlands, one of the most sexually liberal countries in the world.  This nation was the first to legalize same sex marriages, grants sex workers legitimate status, and covers sex reassignment surgeries through its government health plan. Yet  tolerance for sexual and gender diversity is counter-balanced by a pervasive social intolerance of Muslim immigrants.  Students will study sexual and gender politics with Dutch scholars and speakers working in organizations relating to sex workers, sex education, transgender advocacy, and LGBTQ rights in order to advance their knowledge of these topics in a comparative context.

Public Policy & Public Management (City University of Hong Kong)

Amsterdam, the country’s capital, with a population just under a million perhaps the most planned city in Europe, it is no wonder Amsterdam is appealing to city planners, urban sociologists, architects and others who have interest in a very cultural diverse and vibrant city. With over 5 million international tourists a year and a challenging housing situation, numbers show that Amsterdam is a popular place as well for visiting as for residing. The city has a lot to offer. So many people, so little space, that makes this city so suitable for a short, but intense urban research project. What is built, why is the city planned this way? And for who is the city planned? Who benefits and who doesn’t? What has changed over the years and also, what has to change, in order to keep the city livable? How is the political debate framed?  How is policy developed and what differs from your hometown/city?

Art History the Netherlands (University of Washington-Seattle)

There are few countries that can boast an art tradition as rich as the Netherlands. Who has not heard of the art of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh? This 9-week study abroad opportunity will offer the study of Dutch art in cultural context, from early Netherlandish artists, such as Van Eyck, to the present day, including architecture, urban planning and design. The program will be based in Amsterdam, branch out to different cities in the country (The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, among others), and end with a week in Belgium to study early Netherlandish and Flemish art in Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. We are recruiting students from a variety of disciplines and levels who wish to see the art and culture of the Netherlands come to life by experiencing it first hand.

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